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What might have been a channel conflict years ago, has become a strategic alliance. Power award-winning in-store experience. Key will be web-to-retail integration, such as the option to buy online and pickup in-store, which will help unify and streamline the online and offline experiences. Another key aspect of bringing the digital and retail teams together was a clear and simple set of key performance indicators KPIs that encouraged cross-channel collaboration.

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In this case, Sprint measured its digital division on assist metrics, like mobile-driven store visits, while the retail division retained full credit for all in-store sales. An agency organizes around mobile.

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Purchase Behavior: When they shop, do they use a coupon? You may have seen this happen with the decline of the typewriter industry when personal computers were adopted. Rating details. As a result, tracking, targeting, and remarketing is growing increasingly sophisticated in mobile brand campaigns. After the Samsung Galaxy launch, Jay-Z and Samsung added a number of clips about the album to YouTube, so that fans could learn the stories behind the songs.

To guide the process, account teams consult with media teams that specialize in TV, radio, out-of-home OOH , social, and digital. In , recognizing the monumental shift mobile presented to its clients' businesses, Horizon Media introduced a mobile marketing practice. The mobile team is as deeply involved in the implementation and optimization phases of a campaign as it is the planning phase.

By making mobile a peer to other channels instead of routinely folding the platform under the digital division, we have a seat at the table next to the client and the account team. As a result, Horizon Media has been able to drive larger and more ambitious mobile plans on behalf of clients, leading to a 4x increase in mobile revenues in fewer than three years.

Assign a Mobile Champion in your company and empower him or her with a cross-functional task force. Centralize mobile accountability if mobile is an emerging but fast growing segment of your business. Distribute mobile accountability as mobile becomes a core segment of your business. Here are some of the questions that could help your organization upgrade its mobile programs, platforms, and capabilities. Who knows what percentage of web traffic and search queries come from mobile?

Which decisions would change if key business owners were given timely mobile data? How are you handling KPIs and compensation for mobile-to-store sales? Click-to-call sales? What devices do your employees use? Which agencies are you relying on to help you make mobile decisions? Does your agency have mobile expertise? How does the connected consumer impact training for your store employees?

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Should mobility impact your real estate and locations strategy? Now that you've thought about aligning your organization to win in mobile, how can you adapt your marketing for mobile? New marketing contexts. When, where, and how a customer can search for your products has grown exponentially. Mobile devices empower consumers with many new moments for search and discovery, and in turn, many new opportunities for customers to connect with your brand.

At Google, we have observed that tablet and computer usage peaks in the evening hours at home. When companies talk about the opportunity mobile presents, often they are referring to the opportunity context presents. A better understanding of context, the specific circumstances in which your customers seek you out, such as time, location, and even proximity, allows your marketing message to be more targeted, meaningful, and successful.

Consider two individuals both searching for exactly the same thing: pizza. The first is on a mobile device, searching while out and about downtown at pm. The second is on a laptop at home at am. The first is likely looking for a nearby dine-in pizza experience. The second is likely looking for a delivery option at home.

Each of these hungry customers will require tailored messaging to most effectively serve them. When companies talk about the opportunity mobile presents , often they are referring to the opportunity context presents. Identical searches but different contexts defined by device, time of day and location. Mobile users represent a wide range of contexts across different times of day, location, and proximity.

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How is your search marketing taking advantage of these signals to deliver more relevant calls-to-action and value propositions? Use those contextual signals of location, proximity, and time of day to refine your search marketing strategies and calls-to-actions. Mobile has increased the opportunities your customers have to reach out to you or a competitor. In turn, new opportunities have opened for conversion. It can be a customer searching for store directions, calling your business directly, or visiting in person.

It can be an app download that leads to a purchase, or a shopping process that starts on mobile and then finishes on a computer or tablet later in the day. We also see that mobile searchers are extremely valuable for the kinds of actions they take as a result of their searches. Nielsen recently published a study on mobile search behaviors, analyzing over individual mobile searches conducted by a panel of nearly consumers.

The study estimated that roughly three in 10 mobile searches result in valuable business outcomes across different channels, such as a consumer visiting a store, purchasing an item from a mobile website, or calling a business.

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Here are examples of companies who are driving conversions across a range of channels using mobile marketing. Specifically, phone calls to the firm lasting longer than seconds are considered conversions. To get the most out of this important channel, the firm uses AdWords bid adjustment features. These features have allowed the firm to use call extensions to link its business phone number with its ads and create mobile-preferred ads with a mobile-specific call to action for on-the-go searchers.

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Mobile conversion rates have doubled and mobile commerce sales have quadrupled between the first and second half of Indian retail giant Myntra was one such company. The team hypothesized that mobile was driving cross-device conversions, where users initiated the conversion process on one device and completed it on another. To test the hypothesis, the Myntra team partnered with Google to conduct a test. For 15 days, they spent a nominal amount on AdWords mobile ads, and then for the following 15 days they greatly increased their mobile spend.

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Accounting for mCommerce purchases only, mobile ROI appears negative. As a result, Advertiser A found that mobile ads were actually driving a healthy ROI for its business and re-invested accordingly to maintain this competitive edge. Refining attribution models for mobile. Track how users are converting on your mobile site and app in the broadest sense.

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Winning Results with Google AdWords, Second Edition and millions of other books are Winning Results with Google AdWords, Second Edition 2nd Edition. by. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. "Andrew Goodman is the world's leading authority on Winning Results with Google AdWords, Second Edition 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition. by.

Tag not only m-commerce sales but also mobile-assisted conversions such as store locator clicks, click-to-calls, app downloads and in-app transactions. Here are examples of companies that have thought deeply about the full value that mobile was fueling for their businesses and as a result, positioned themselves to invest competitively in mobile. By accounting for store locator clicks, adidas found that mobile was actually driving a strong 1. Progrexion and its consumer brands, such as LexingtonLaw. Over the past three years, the company has added mobile marketing to the traditional desktop mix. Although promising, mobile marketing presented an attribution challenge and required that the company think about where mobile fit into the sales process to better understand its impact and thus how much to re-invest in mobile.

The results, after considering the full value of mobile, were impressive. Mobile now constitutes Mobile attribution, specifically the role mobile plays in the sales process, is now clearer and more impressive. The average order value AOV was on par with desktop leads.

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Extra Space Storage. Many advertisers are unaware of the value mobile calls are driving for their businesses. When calls are reported as conversions, the reporting feature is able to uncover conversions that were previously invisible. Call tracking has allowed the team to not only better measure, but also optimize around calls, matching phone sales back to the original ad click and even passing on contextual information to sales reps such as the keyword that triggered a call. Fab connects users with designers from around the world to discover everyday design products at great prices.

Advertisers can do this by analyzing app user behavior and using metrics like average visits per app download and number of in-app purchases per app download.

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