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The goal is to be in a state of complete relaxation. Flex the muscles in the body one by one, and then loosen them, until all tension is released from the body. Take deep breaths and let go of any tension in the chest and shoulders.

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Focus on the deep breaths and let go of all worry. It may be helpful to hold a quartz crystal to heighten the vibrations to the chakra. For this step a hypnotic state is necessary. This is generally called a hypnagogic state.

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Allow the body and mind to approach sleep. Being at the edge of sleep and wakefulness is known as being in a hypnotic state. This step is crucial to astral projection. To reach this state keep the eyes closed, and let the brain wander to a certain part of the body, such as the foot. Focus on the foot until it is visualized perfectly.

Focus until all other chatter in the mind falls away. Do this until it seems like it is physically moving. At this point expand the focus to the rest of the body. Start moving arms, legs, and the head using just the mind. As long as this focus is kept, the whole body can be moved with just the mind.

As the soul is in preparation to leave the physical body, many experience vibrations that come in different frequencies and varying waves.

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Do not fear these vibrations, as fear will break the meditative state. Giving into the vibrations is necessary for an out of body experience. Visualize the room where the out of body experience is taking place. Begin moving the body, by using the mind, to get up. Get up from where the body is lying and walk across the room. Then turn and observe the physical body lying on the bed. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Personal Growth. Save For Later.

Create a List. Summary Pliny and Plato talked about it. Subjects covered include: Suspended animation Near-death experiences Astral sex Heaven and hell Astral meditation This is a delightful introductory text to an area of perennial interest. In the lower astral plane it can get quite negative. In Often many astral plane regions contain places of collective groups of souls who's shared realities, expectations and beliefs actually manifest into actual places where they live those realities in that collective region of the Astral plane.

There is for example for those who have a near death experience or astral projection on the astral plane, one region with pearly gates, large glowing angels, and so on and then another completely different astral plane region resembling a modern city. People tend to gravitate to the astral plane region that they expect and resonate with. Out of body Tuza Travel is far superior to Astral projection which is limited to only the astral plane.

The state of euphoria often accompanies an astral plane experience as opposed to a deep knowingness and profound experience of wisdom, power, freedom and divine love that is found during many out of body Tuza Soul Travel experiences that go far beyond the astral plane and into the pure positive God Worlds. The Disadvantages of Astral Plane Sight Seeing The most common problem with these astral plane realms is when we become so dazzled by the glitter that we stay fixated at one level of the astral plane heaven like the classic fable of the town "ghost" that stays in the same old west town and repeats the same monotonous actions because his old ways are safe, familiar, and comfortable.

He is attached to his old life, his old beliefs, and cannot move on beyond the super physical or lower astral plane to higher vistas. Individuals tend to find comfort in the familiar and may stay attached to one level of the astral plane for years or eons. This is why the Spiritual Travelers say that it is only the bold in spirit and adventurous who find God. This is because they take the risk of boldly going beyond the astral plane and Astral Projection to learning out of body travel beyond the astral plane to higher and higher levels of heaven that defy the limitations of human consciousness with the consciousness of VARDAN divine spirit.

It is similar to the Star Trek catch phrase parallel to the true God seeker who will "boldly go where no one has gone before. And the various entities on the Astral plane will often offer mesmerizing sight seeing such as showing the individual an astral plane adventure of seeing the creation of the Earth or Galaxy or other phenomena or aspect of enthralling wisdom.

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The Limitations of Astral Projection- One might at first think this an advantage until after thousands and thousands of times dying, coming to this after world in the astral plane or doing astral projection to this astral plane world many lifetimes and being given this same entertainment over and over again we realize it is another trap of the lower worlds. The old soul comes here to the astral plane and entities approach it saying, "Yes, come and see the invention museum," And the old soul might say, "Yeah, yeah we've seen this a thousand times.

He is captivated by the incredible sights during his astral projection or experience of "heaven" in the astral plane after death. However the less experienced student will benefit from the help of the spiritual traveler. With the spiritual traveler by his side, the Traveler will help the individual break free of the spell of Maya illusion in which he could spend decades of wasted time enthralled in wondrous phenomena and instead help the individual tare his attention away from Astral sight seeing to move on and continue the journey beyond astral projection and the lower astral plane prison into higher levels of heaven where he can find spiritual freedom.

I entered this temple of golden wisdom on the astral plane and entered a large room with long curtains that hung to the floor. Students were seated on the floor casually and Gopal Daz with long golden blond hair and sparkling blue eyes with the wisdom of God shining through them began to speak, " The individual walks on holy ground no matter where he is. Be it in his neighborhood or so on.

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The Traveller's Guide to the Astral Plane [Steve Richards] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For thousands of years men have believed that. The Traveler's Guide to the Astral Plane: The Secret Realms Beyond the Body and How to Reach Them (Mind, Body, Knowledge) Paperback – April 1,

We keep our consciousness in the Pure Positive God Worlds. Release from the body is release from bondage to identification with the lowest elements of the self. It must be set free like the soul set free in out-of-body travel to heaven.

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Then I saw a bird fly. He continued, "The looking glass. The outer world reflects the inner world like the looking glass. You create your reality. And so it is with the Astral world. The Astral plane is filled with enticing distractions just like the physical world is. When souls believe something in their Earth life and later they come to the Astral plane they start to manifest it.

If they are absorbed and mystified by angels on Earth, when they return to the Astral plane they will see angels with wings. On the astral plane and on Earth there are many beliefs, philosophies, religions, paths for a reason. The reason is that though out all of our various incarnations we need different paths or realities at different times in our spiritual evolution.

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These different realities meet different souls very diverse needs and states of consciousness on earth and in the astral plane. It is as Jesus said, "There are many mansions. Some souls for example die and go to the Astral plane heaven or do astral projection and they will see long gone relatives. They experience this reality because this is their need at that particular time.

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Most can easily be mistaken for huge, shapeless slabs of floating rock. A longer combat Combat that uses missile weapons is very hard on the Astral may go farther. This is a delightful introductory text to an area of perennial interest. Buy New Learn more about this copy. His feats were studied by several British physicians, including Dr. They are literally creatures composed of the random thoughts that drift through the Astral Plane, woken Plenty of planar sources claim to have information on to a semblance of life by happenstance.

And then later they return to Earth to reincarnate. At that point it is up to him whether or not he decides to use his good karma to return to HURAY God by learning out of body travel. The Lords of Karma Often however allot of times souls on the astral plane will instead go directly before a judge or to be more specific what are called the lords of karma on the Astral plane. A few examples of going before the judges on the astral plane may be a man who was a financially successful Salesman in his Earthly life owned a beautiful big home, perhaps he was famous and talented and has a loving beautiful wife and children. But this man had a karmic issue of looking down at other people that aren't talented or aren't rich or aren't as happy and so on.

When he arrives on the astral plane and goes before the lords of karma for example they may say something like: You used up allot of your good karma on a comfortable life.