The Arts in the 1970s: Cultural Closure

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Iain Chambers. Consumption, Identity and Style. Alan Tomlinson.

The Photographs of Rodney Smith 1970-2016

Studying British Cultures. Susan Bassnett. Ethics and Media Culture: Practices and Representations. David Berry.

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Feminist Theatre Practice: A Handbook. Elaine Aston. Fintan Walsh. Popular Music Matters. Lee Marshall. Understanding News. Consuming History. Jerome de Groot. The Cambridge Companion to Harold Pinter. Peter Raby. British Cinema in Documents. Sarah Street. Dance Theatre in Ireland. British films of the s. Paul Newland. Heading North. Ewa Mazierska. Regional Aesthetics. Hugh Chignell.

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Her research is on the transfer of ideas and techniques between architecture and other disciplines in the postwar period. Syndication Fil des ouvrages Fil des documents. These were part of explorations by architects in Europe in performance and ephemeral events, yet the local political climate lent a particular colour to the activities of the London Conceptualists. Be the first to ask a question about The Arts in the s. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. We knew the power of art.

Preserving the Sixties. Nadine Holdsworth. Voice and New Writing, Narrating Media History. Michael Bailey. Rhythms of Writing. Helena Wulff. Special Relations. Howard Malchow. Britain Since Dr Peter Leese.

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Queer Domesticities. Contemporary Scottish Literature. Matt McGuire. Heritage, Nostalgia and Modern British Theatre. Benjamin Poore. Cultures of Consumption. Frank Mort. Modern Times. Mica Nava. Man-Made Future. Iain Boyd Whyte. Twenty-First Century Drama.

Life after Tacheles: What’s become of the artist squatters?

Enterprise and Heritage. John Corner. British Social Realism in the Arts since Social Class on British and American Screens. Nicole Cloarec. Authority and Wisdom in the New Ireland. Carmen Zamorano Llena.

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Were the s really `the devils decade'? Images of The Arts in the s: Cultural Closure and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. But how significant were the pessimism and self-doubt of the s, and what was the legacy of its cultural conflicts? Covering the entire spectrum of the arts.

Making It National. Dancing At the Crossroads. Lisa FitzGerald. Histories and Practices of Live Art. Jennie Klein. Screen Education. Terry Bolas.

Ireland and Cinema. Barry Monahan. Literature of an Independent England. Cultural Studies. Lawrence Grossberg. The Subcultures Network. Sport In History. Professor Jeffrey Hill. Paul Maloney. Brexit and Literature. Robert Eaglestone. Australian Television. John Tulloch. Leadership and the Labour Party. John Gaffney. Geography, The Media and Popular Culture. Jacquelin Burgess. British Television Drama.

Cultural devolution? Representing Scotland in the 1970s

Irish Ethnologies. Post-Agreement Northern Irish Literature. Birte Heidemann. News, Gender and Power. Stuart Allan. The Arts in the s. Edition 1st Edition. First Published Imprint Routledge. Pages pages.

Subjects Humanities. Export Citation. Get Citation. Moore-Gilbert, D. By Bart Moore-Gilbert. View abstract. By Stuart Laing. By Antony Easthope. By Willy Maley.